Willie Lynch Is A Spirit

The Spirit of Willie Lynch Is A Bad Evil Spirit

Testimony Mr Lynch From London



Breaking the power

Destroying the Seed and the Roots of this

Familiar Spirit and all Spiritual Curses.

The seeds and the roots are still active and spreading they must be plucked up and destroyed by God's Holy Spirit!

Ted Line

Breaking Generational Curses

Cultural Curses, Environmental Curses Poverty Curses and Spoken and Written Word Curses of this and any other Demonic Spirit.

Hidden Spirits and Hidden Witchcraft

Destroyed by the Power of God

Do not continue to be Deceived

Betwitched What you don't know Is hurting you, Jesus wants to Heal you and Make you Free!

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Mr Lynch came from London for Ministry


The Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave, Virginia 1712.

Lynch a British slave owner in the West Indies was invited to Virginia to teach his methods of controlling his slaves to the slave owners in Virginia.

The term "Lynching" is derived from his last name.

On December 26, 2012 a man flew in to our ministry from London,England for an  Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry Intensive.

His name is Mr.Lynch, little did we know that during one of the Integrated Healing Prayer sessions

It would be uncovered and exposed that this man had familiar fragmented soul spirits, that had come into 

Him and his family line by ancestral curses and demonic spirits that were hiding within his soul as a result of being a direct descendant of the real Willie Lynch this same slave owner that had been channeled up by a professor.

Where were these evil spirits you might be thinking well,

They were hiding behind what the Bible calls Hidden things of Darkness or Hidden Oppression, so once God had called them to judgment the "Holy Spirit"

Forced them to expose themselves.

These spirits cause, distorted identity and purpose within a family line.

They cause shame and hurt to family and others resulting in restricted growth.

They cause an ongoing vulnerability to Fear, Distrust, Hatred of self, Envy, Control, Rebellion, Rejection, 

Anger, Rage, Poverty, Scheming, Manipulation, Hurt, Victimization, Isolation, Helplessness, Divorce, Unworthiness and disappointment towards God. 

When the Willie Lynch spirits manifested themselves through Mr. Lynch, We renounced them broke the curses and cast those spirits out destroying the curses.

Many evil spirits, hiding behind Hidden Things of Darkness and

Hidden Oppression came out that had been tormenting and holding him back.

Mr. Lynch returned home to London a new man even his skin color had changed, In Christ Jesus name, Mr. Lynch went home with out the spiritual bondage he came to the U.S.A. with. 

Willie Lynch Demonic Spirits still need to be Cast Out, In 2013

those curses today still need to be broken off the lives of men and women around the world.

I had the privilege of praying with one of his bloodline descendants that had come about through the rape of his grandmother in Jamaica. Those spirits fought me even during his deliverance, I believe that I had such good success because God had sent an African man,

To my ministry from Nigeria, by way of Canada for prayer. The Holy Spirit led me to enquire of the gentlemen before he was about to leave heading back to Canada, if he was he a pure African and he assured me that he was pure African. I then followed the instructions of the Holy Spirit and asked him to pray for me and all African Americans breaking the curses from having been bought and then sold into slavery. God had prepared me for this wonderful glorious ministry time a week before Mr.Lynch's arrival. African Americans and those with African American bloodlines,These curses must be broken off of you and your blood line as well.

To break this curse, repeat the following sample prayer:

"Father, in Jesus' Name, I break the curse of Willie Lynch 

off of me and my bloodline going back to 1712 and earlier.

I command this Willie Lynch curse broken off of me and my family 

I Decree Spiritual and Natural Restoration to me and

my family everything that we were stripped of, In Jesus' Name."

After the curses are broken then command the demons operating behind

The curse to come out of you and your family line in Jesus' Name.

In the event you need further assistance depending upon the level or degree

in which the curses and evil spirits have had effect upon you and your bloodline

you might need Integrated Healing Prayer Ministry.

Please don't worry about it,feel free to contact our ministry. 

You can hear Mr.Lynch's testimony on the

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Willie Lynch Is A Spirit of Bondage

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